Sl.No. Designation Subjects
1 Principal Secretary
( Sri K.Vijayanand, IAS )
-IT Policy and Planning
– IT Promotion (including IT, ITES, Animation and SMEs),
-IT Parks, SEZs, Mega IT Projects
-IT Enabled Services
– -IEG (JKC)
– -All matters relating to APTS
-Budget and Administration of ITE&C Dept.
– RTI Act
–Cabinet matters and Assembly matters
–CIOs Training Programme
-IT Training for Government Officers.
– eOffice, eCabinet,  e-Pragati
-NeGP (National eGovernance Plan)
-IT Infrastructure Projects
-IT Hardware (Other than SEZs)
-Citizen Services
– other Departmental e-Gov Projects
2 Joint Secretary(HRD)(I/c)
General administration, Office procedure, Drawing & Disbursing Officer, Service Matters, Postings and Transfers ,Budget, Audit & Accounts, LAQs, Right to Information Act, Vigilance and Disciplinary cases. Administrative Matters of APTS, EDS, SAPNET,IEG, LAQs, Periodical Reports, Economic Survey Report, CMP Monitoring, General Correspondence.
3 Director (Communications)
(Sri D. Venkatachalam)
  – SAPNET, APSWAN, APSCAN, Communications, AP Broadband network, Video Conferencing System, Cell phones , State & District Gateways, IT Infrastructure Projects, APTS technical matters.          Citizen Services Projects, NeGP, CSC, SDC
- IT Infrastructure Projects, IT Hardware procurement and maintenance, APSCAN, Data Center, Digital Library, NeGP (Hardware), Common Service Centers
4 Joint  Director (Promotions-Admin)
(Sri V.R.V.R.NAIK)
_     Data base of non STPI registered domestic IT/ITES companies registered with Commissioner of Industries/ Registrar of Companies.
–     Identification of lands, preparation & follow up of proposals for alienation through APIIC/ UDAs/Housing Board, at Tirupati, Nellore, Ongole, Guntur, Vijayawada, Nellore  for creation of  IT Parks and for promotion of Tier III IT Hubs.
–     Interact with IT companies in Chennai and Bangalore for setting up their facilities in Tirupati.
–    Constantly interact with STPI branches at Vijayawada &  Tirupati for updation of list of IT companies set up under STPI/SEZ scheme Tirupati.
–     Update & furnish the quarterly performance reports of IT companies located at Tirupati, Guntur and Vijayawada in consultation with STPI and development of 3 Tier IT locations.
–     Coordination with Multipurpose SEZs for earmarking space and setting up IT companies.
5 Joint  Director (Promotions-IT)
(Sri N.Surjith Singh)
_   ITR Projects
6 Joint  Director (Promotions-Electronics)
(Sri Shankar Reddy vaka)
_   ITR Projects
7 Special Officer( Portal)
(Smt. M. Sailaja)
APIT website, AP Online Portal, AP State Portal, CIOs Training, IT Training for Govt., Officers, eOffice,  eCabinet,  SSDG, eDistrict MMPs. e-Gov Projects, Departmental e-Governance Programmes, etc.,
8 Assistant Director, HRD
P. Venugopal
 Project Manager
9  Assistant Director, Protocol Vacant -
10 Assistant Secretary to Govt. (Admin)
(Sri R.Radha Krishna Patro)
Office Procedures, Service Matters, Postings and Transfers, Administrative Sanctions , issue of GOs, General Correspondence with other dept., pay bills, office stationery, stores and record room.
Vigilance Reports, Accounts, Other Administrative Matters and General Correspondence, Vigilance & Disciplinary Cases of the Dept.,
11 Asst. Section Officer
( – )
Assist Section Officer
12 PA/AAO (Budget)
( – )
 Preparation of Annual Budget Revised Budget estimates consolidation of monthly reports. All Budget related issues.
(Sri.Anil Kumar)
 Assist AAO
Hon’ble Minister for IT&C 0863-2445191, 2445993 Room No:188C,Ground Floor,
Building – 5,A.P Secretariat Office,
Sri J.Satyanarayana, IAS(Retd) Advisor to Govt. 040-23453214 South-H Block 2nd Floor, Hyderabad
Sri J.A. Chowdary Special Chief Secretary to CM&Advisor to Govt. 040-23476622 L Block, 8th Floor, Hyderabad
Sri K.Vijayanand, IAS Principal Secretary to Government(FAC) 0863-2444243 4th Block, 1st Floor, Room No:214,
A.P Secretariat Office, Velagapudi
Sri Anoop Singh, IFS Spl. Secretary to Government. 0863-2444247 4th Block, 1st Floor,Room No:215,
A.P Secretariat Office, Velagapudi
Sri D. Venkatachalam Joint Secretary(HRD)(I/c) 0863-2444796 4th Block, 1st Floor, Room No:253,
A.P Secretariat Office, Velagapudi
Sri D. Venkatachalam Director(Communications) 0863-2444796 4th Block, 1st Floor, Room No:253,
A.P Secretariat Office, Velagapudi
Sri R.Pavana Murthy,ITS Director(Technical) 0863-2444269 4th Block, 1st Floor, Room No:258,
A.P Secretariat Office, Velagapudi
Sri V.R.V.R.NAIK Joint Director (promotions-Admin) 0863-2444264 4th Block, 1st Floor, Room No:254,
A.P Secretariat Office, Velagapudi
Sri N.Surjith Singh Joint Director (promotions-IT) 9121296466 4th Block, 1st Floor,
A.P Secretariat Office, Velagapudi
Sri Sankar Reddy Vaka Joint Director (promotions-Electronics) 0863-2444312 4th Block, 1st Floor, Room No:252,
A.P Secretariat Office, Velagapudi
Smt. M. Sailaja Special Officer(Portal) 0863-2444318 4th Block, 1st Floor, Room No:248,
A.P Secretariat Office, Velagapudi
Sri P.Venugopal Project Manager(eProcurement) 0863-2444333 4th Block, 1st Floor,Room No:232
A.P Secretariat Office, Velagapudi
Sri R.Radha Krishna Patro Assistant Secretary to Govt.(Admin) 0863-2444782 4th Block, 1st Floor, ,
A.P Secretariat Office, Velagapudi
Sri M.Hari Hara Anand AAO/ATO,DTA 0863-2444778 4th Block, 1st Floor,
A.P Secretariat Office, Velagapudi
APTS : AP Technology Services Ltd
Sri Valeti Premchand, IDES Managing Director 0866-2468108 Room No.314, 3rd Floor, New R&B
Building,Opposite Indira Gandhi Municipal Stadium,Labbipet,
M.G.Road, Vijayawada, A.P.
ESD (mee-seva)
Sri B.Sunder, IFS Chief Executive Officer 0866-2452771/2772 6-178, Eco Ritz,,1st Floor,SER Centre, Prasadampadu,Vijayawada-521108
Andhra Pradesh Information Technology Academy (APITA)
Sri K.Bhasker Reddy CEO(Chief Executive Officer) 0866-2841800 6-178, Eco Ritz, SER Centre, Prasadampadu,Vijayawada-521108
Sri B.Kesava Rao Chief Executive Officer 9848799080 6-178, 2nd Floor,BMPS Road, PrasadampaduVijayawada-521108
e-Pragati(e-Governance) Authority
Sri N.Balasubramanyam, IPS CEO, e-pragati Authority 8008037950 3rd Floor, NTR Administrative Block,
Pandit Nehru Bus Station, NH – 65,
Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520001.
Sri K Madhav Trinadh Manager(Admin,HR& Accounts) 9959224312 mkatru@e-pragati.in
A.P Electronics IT Agency
Sri Anoop Singh, IFS Group CEO(FAC) 0866 – 2428955 3rd Floor,Opp:Municipal Stadium,R&B
Building,M.G Road,Vijayawada-520010,Andhra Pradesh
Sri Ravi Prakash Somayajula CEO,Promotions,APEITA +91 9502410100 2nd Floor,Sunrise Incubation Hub,
Rushikonda,Visakhapatnam –530045,
Andhra Pradesh
Email: ceo-itpro@ap.gov.in
Sri K.Bhasker Reddy CEO,Electronics,APEITA 9603606555 3rd Floor,Opp:Municipal Stadium,R&B
Building,M.G Road,Vijayawada-520010,Andhra Pradesh
Sri S.Sreenivasa Murthy CEO,Infrastructure, APEITA 8978866654 2nd Floor,Sunrise Incubation Hub,
HillNo.3,Plot No 13&14,Madhurawada,
Rushikonda,Visakhapatnam–530 045,
Andhra Pradesh
Sri Dharmendra Sunkara CEO,Fintech Promotions,APEITA 7032042911 3rd Floor,Opp:Municipal Stadium,R&B Building,M.G Road,Vijayawada-520010,Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society
Sri R.S. Winny Patro CEO(I/c) 9440065256 New Govt Offices Building,Room #317,3rd Floor M.G Road,Opp Indira Gandhi Municipal Complex, Vijayawada,AP- 520 010.
Email: ceo_innov@ap.gov.in
International Institute of Digital Technologies(IIDT)
Sri V Prem Chand Director General(FAC) 0877-2275770/72/73 IIDT Office Airport Road,Renigunta -517520,Tirupati,Andhra Pradesh, India
Email: mdapts@apts.gov.in
Andhra Pradesh Space Applications Centre (APSAC)
Sri Anoop Singh, IFS Chairman 0866-2973510 H NO: 40-17-3/1,M.G. Road, Labbipet,Vijayawada – 520010.
Email: apsac.itec@gmail.com
Sri A.Nageswara Rao,Scientist-SF Vice Chairman(FAC) 0866-2972746 H NO: 40-17-3/1,M.G. Road, Labbipet,Vijayawada – 520010.
Email: apsac.itec@gmail.com
Sl.No. Name & Designation Designated as Telephone Nos.
1 Sri K.Vijayanand, I.A.S,
Principal Secretary to Government
Appellate Authority 0863-2444243
2 D.Venkatachalam
Joint Secretary(HRD)
State Public Information Officer 9963029394

Sri R.Radha Krishna Patro,
Assistant Secretary to Government

Assistant State Public Information Officer 9966709055