Complete Application  For  MunicipalitiesIMPLEMENTATION OF eSUVIDHA PROJECT

e-Suvidha project is the e-Governance initiative of the MA&UD department aimed at computerization of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in the state. The e-Suvidha project was conceptualized to provide an Information Technology platform for all the ULBs under the purview of the Commissioner  & Director of Municipal Administration (C&DMA) office. The project was initiated in the year 2002-03 and the implementation commenced in the year 2004.

The objective of the project was to develop an integrated state-wide solution across all municipalities in the state as part of GoAP e-Governance initiatives.

The e-Suvidha application has eight modules designed for providing G2C and G2B services and eight modules for internal administration purposes. These sixteen modules form the core application which is also named as e-MAS (e-Municipal Administration System).

Analysis on Implementation of eSuvidha Modules:

M/s Wipro was given the task to conduct a Performance Audit of the eSuvidha project in 2009 and recommend the steps to be taken to re-engineer/improve the system. Analysis of eSuvidha Modules and status of implementation of the eSuvidha Project, as brought out in the study conducted by M/s Wipro, is given below:

  1. No.
Module Name ULB Level usage Remarks
1 Property Tax 104 Being used in 103 ULBs. Implementation is in progress in 16 newly constituted ULBs
2 Water Tax 45 Being used in 45 ULBs only
3 Vacant Land Tax 23 Being used in 45 ULBs only
4 Trade Licence 6 Being used in 6 ULBs only
5 Birth & Death 77 Being used in 77 ULBs only. Data now transferred to Unified B&D application developed by NIC
6 Advertisement tax 1 Being used in one ULB only
7 Building Permissions 0 Not being used
8 Grievance & Redressal 0 Not being used. Proposed to migrate to Online Grievance Redressal & Tracking System (OGRTS) application developed by CGG
9 Projects & Works 0 Not being used
10 Finance & Accounting (Based on single entry accounting system) 0 Migrated to DEABAS system developed by CGG
11 Schemes 0
12 Solid Waste Management 0 Migrated to Solid Waste Management System developed by CGG
13 Accounts & Inventory 0 Migrated to DEABAS system developed by CGG
14 File Management 0 Not being used
15 Court Cases 0 Migrated to Online Legal Cases Monitoring system developed by CGG

Performance study done by Wipro on eSuvidha Project:

M/s Wipro who conducted the Performance Audit of the eSuvidha application has recommended that it is not possible to improve performance of the existing system by re-engineering of the application due to several technical reasons, hence recommended to go for ‘Re-design of web based e-suvidha system’ with various service delivery models and online payment options. M/s Wipro recommended for Re-design of web enabled e-Suvidha Portal based on n-tier service oriented architecture with following features:

  • Industry standard web browser as the thin client
  • Intranets/secured Internet to provide secure access to ULB users
  • Extranets/intranets to provide access to other ULBs and service providers to enable G2G and G2C transactions
  • Internet to provide managed access by citizens and other interested parties