About Us

AP IT&C DepartmentThe Information Technology Wing was created as part of the Finance & Planning (Plg. Wing) Department vide G.O.Rt.No.2025 G.A. (Spl. A) Department dated 09-05-97. During September 2000 the Information Technology & Communications (IT&C) Department was given an independent status vide G.O. Ms. NO. 12, IT&C Dept dt. 11.09.2000. The units administered by the Department are

AP Technology Services Ltd., (Public sector unit registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956)

Commissioner, Electronically Deliverable Service (EDS) (also known as eSeva)
Society for Andhra Pradesh Network (SAPNET) (Registered Society)
AP State for Knowledge Networks (IEG) (Registered Society) 

The IT & C Department plays a crucial role in policy formulation in IT sector, conceptualizing and initiating various e-governance initiatives, stipulating standards for compliance, Promoting investments in IT sector, facilitating growth of IT Enabled Services through proactive measures and providing a strong communication backbone in the State.