Organization Functions

Organization, Functions & Duties of ITE&C Department





Principal Secretary to Governmnet(FAC)
(Sri Kona Sasidhar, IAS )

- IT Policy and Planning.
– IT Promotion (including IT, ITES, Animation and SMEs),
– ITIRs, EMCs.
– IT Parks, SEZs, Mega IT Projects.
– IT Enabled Services.
– IEG (JKC).
– All matters relating to APTS.
– Budget and Administration of ITE&C Dept.
– RTI Act.
– Cabinet matters and Assembly matters.
– CIOs Training Programme.
– IT Training for Government Officers.
– eOffice, eCabinet,  e-Pragati.
– e-Procurement.
– NeGP (National eGovernance Plan).
– IT Infrastructure Projects.
– CSC.
– SDC.
– IT Hardware (Other than SEZs).
– Citizen Services.
– other Departmental e-Gov Projects.


Special Secretary to Governmnet
(Sri Anoop Singh, IFS )

- IT Policy and Planning.
– IT Promotion (including IT, ITES, Animation and SMEs).
– ITIRs, EMCs.
– IT Parks, SEZs, Mega IT Projects.
– IT Enabled Services.


Joint Secretary(HRD)
(Sri V.R.VijayaRaghava Naik)

_     Incentives- From receipt of application to final Payment for Electronics Companies.
–     Inspection for incentives to Electronics Companies.
–     GoI Schemes,Projects,Institutes related to Electronics Industry.
–     Any Work Assigned by the Prl. secretary from time to time.


Director, (Communications)
(Sri D. Venkatachalam)

- General administration, Office procedure,Service Matters, Postings and Transfers,Budget, Audit & Accounts, LAQs, Right to Information Act, Vigilance and Disciplinary cases. Administrative Matters of APTS, EDS, SAPNET,IEG, LAQs, Periodical Reports, Economic Survey Report, CMP Monitoring, General Correspondence.

- APSWAN, APSCAN, Communications, AP Broadband network, Video Conferencing System, Cell phones , State & District Gateways, IT Infrastructure Projects, APTS technical matters.            Citizen Services Projects, NeGP, CSC, SDC

- IT Infrastructure Projects, IT Hardware procurement and maintenance, APSCAN, Data Center, Digital Library, NeGP (Hardware), Common Service Centers


Director, (Technical)
(Sri R. Pavana Murthy,ITS)

_     International Institute of Digital Technologies(IIDT).
–     Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society(APIS).
–     SAPNET.


Joint  Director (Promotions-Electronics)


Joint Director (Promotions-IT)
(Sri N.Surjith Singh)

_    CCITI (Electronics) – Agenda,Minutes,Allotment Letters, All Action items,Communications from Minutes.
–      BAC/SIPC/SIPB Matters related to Electronics Industry.
–      Any Work Assigned by the Prl. Secretary from time to time.     


Joint Director (Promotions-Policy review)

_    Cabinet and Policy Issues: All Documents like Memorandum to Council, draft Resolutions, Presentations and Govt Orders.
–     Studies related to Business Development.He will also pursue with respective people for closing items on Action Tracker.
–     Promotions Activities: Advertisements,Events,Road Shows,Content finalization for MoU etc related to IT & Electronics Industry.
–     Information Requests – LAQ, LCQ, RTI, LS, RS, HCM Assurances Committee and other Statutory information.
–      Any Work Assigned by the Prl. Secretary from time to time.     


Special Officer( Portal)
(Smt. M. Sailaja) 

APIT website, AP Online Portal, AP State Portal, CIOs Training, IT Training for Govt., Officers, eOffice,  eCabinet,  SSDG, eDistrict MMPs. e-Gov Projects, Departmental e-Governance Programmes, etc.,


Project Manger/Assistant Director(HRD)
(Smt. M. Sailaja)

–      E-Procurement.
–      e-Auction.


Assistant Secretary to Government (Admin) 
(Sri R.Radha Krishna Patro) 

Office Procedures, Service Matters, Postings and Transfers, Administrative Sanctions , issue of GOs, General Correspondence with other dept., pay bills, office stationery, stores and record room.
Vigilance Reports, Accounts, Other Administrative Matters and General Correspondence, Vigilance & Disciplinary Cases of the Dept.,


Asst. Section Officer
( – )

Asst. Section Officer


Assistant Accounts Officer(Budget)
( Sri S.Sreenivasulu )

Drawing & Disbursing Officer.Preparation of Annual Budget Revised Budget estimates consolidation of monthly reports. All Budget related issues.



Assist AAO